The Glow Finder

The skin you’re in is the most important part of your wardrobe, and a sun-kissed golden glow is a real head-turner. Nothing boosts self-confidence like a radiant and youthful appearance of flawless colour on your skin that has that “relaxed, just off the beach” look. A spray tan doesn’t just feel healthy, sexy and beautiful, it also makes you feel wonderful from the inside out too. You know that when you look great on the outside, you feel great on the inside.

At Beach St we feel it’s ultra-important that your tan reflects your needs. We don’t do what other salons do, which is a one size fits all solution. Instead we are masters at customising colour according

to whether you want a weekly booster tan to get your pale natural skin re-illuminated, or maybe you are heading off on a holiday and want to look resort ready for your arrival, or you have a special occasion that needs just the right skin tone to make you stand out and look your very best. Whatever your reason and whatever the season, we are the experts at ensuring that you look just right, with your airbrush technician experts personalising your treatments to complement your skin tone and type, for whatever your motivation for getting bronzed. 

  • we bring out your radiance

    we bring out your radiance

At Beach St, we are spraying on sunshine. The results are instant, stunning and long lasting. If your goal is to look and feel terrific by having a year round safe faux luxury tan that is contoured over your body to enhance your feeling of wellbeing, talk to us now to find out how we can help you.