step1prepDo any waxing or shaving 24 hours before your tanning appointment.

step2prepExfoliate the day before your tanning appointment to remove dry skin and any previous spray tan/gradual tan. The key to a perfect tan is starting with a good base.

step3prepIt is best to arrive to your appointment freshly showered, without any make up, moisturiser, oils or deodorant on your skin. If you’re unable to do so, we will provide you with wipes to remove any make up, moisturiser or deodorant.

step4prepSpray tan won’t be absorbed if there is sweat on the skin. Refrain from strenuous exercise one hour before your appointment.

step5prepIf you have long hair, tie it up off your neck.

step6prepWear or bring with you, loose, dark, easy to put on clothing. Do not wear tight fitting jeans, pants or shorts directly after your tan. It’s best not to put a bra on until after your initial post tanning shower.

step7prepSlip on, open shoes, are recommended. No socks or stockings to be worn until after your initial post tanning shower.

step8prepRemove all jewellery, glasses or contact lenses.

step9prepYour Beach St technician will apply barrier cream to dry spots prior to tanning.

Step-by-Step In-Salon Preparation Guide

Before Your Tan

before1Undress and place your clothes on the stool or coat hanger.

before2Remove your shoes and socks.

before3We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while being tanned, so it’s up to you if you’d like to wear your swimmers or your own underwear. Please note that whatever body parts you cover up will remain white.

before4A disposible g-string is provided if you’d like to wear that, or tanning naked is fine too. Please note that if you wear a g-string, the white lines cannot be blended in after you’ve been tanned.

before5If you have long hair, tie it up off your shoulders.

before6A hair cap is provided and we highly recommend that you wear it.

before7Remove all jewellry.

before8Contact lenses and glasses need to be removed.

before9The MOST important step is to remove all deodorant with the baby wipes provided. Spray tan solution cannot penetrate deodorant and will result in the area remaining white, or green.

before9Remove any make-up or moisturiser using the baby wipes provided.

before9The last step is to carefully place your feet precisely on the sticky feet provided. These are on the floor of the tanning booth and they will ensure the soles of your feet don’t also get a tan.

During Your Tan

during1Your technician will talk you through each step of the tanning procedure.

during2Once you are in the booth, face the front and wait for your Beach St technician to return. They will then place barrier cream on any areas of dry skin.

After Your Tan

after1Once your tan is complete and you’ve been dried off, step out of the booth with your sticky feet still on.

after2Return to where your clothes are before peeling the sticky feet off and placing them in the bin. Place disposable underwear and hair caps into the bin.

after3Carefully put on your loose fitting clothing. Squeezing into anything tight, wearing a bra, socks, stockings or enclosed shoes will result in an uneven tan.

after4Once dressed you are free to leave the room and head back to the reception area where a staff member will be waiting.

after5Your technician will advise you on the best take-home products to prolong your tan and they will answer any questions you may have.


step1postAfter your spray tan is complete and you’ve put your loose clothing on, it is important not to sweat or go near water until it’s time to wash the bronzer off. Refrain from exercise and any housework that requires your hands to be in water.

step2postYour spray tan technician will tell you the best time to rinse the bronzer off, depending on the product used. Your initial shower should be very brief, especially if you’ve used a rapid tan. We recommend 60 seconds in warm, not hot water, and discourage the use of any type of soap, body wash, oil and shampoo/conditioner. You will see the water turn brown as the bronzer washes off, this is completely normal. To ensure the bronzer washes off evenly we recommend using your bare hand to glide all over your body to remove any excess.

step3postAfter this initial quick rinse, you can go back to your usual shower and exercise routine, and you can wear any clothing you like. Be mindful that any excess bronzer not thoroughly washed off has the potential to rub off on to clothing.

step4postIt is very important to use salon approved moisturiser and body wash while you have your tan. These products complement the ingredients in the spray solution and help to prolong, hydrate, and lengthen the life of your tan. The wrong products can strip tan and dry it out, resulting in cracked, flaky skin and an uneven tan. Your Beach St tanning technician will offer advice on the best products for your skin type.

step5postHaving baths, long hot showers, swimming in chlorine pools and in the ocean, using saunas, shaving, waxing, using bar soaps, exfoliating, and using the wrong body products, could result in your tan fading a little faster and potentially unevenly.

step6postIf you’ll be sleeping with the bronzer on before your initial shower, it is best to sleep on old sheets as you will get some bronzer rubbing off during the night, the majority of which will rinse out in the wash.

step7postKeeping your skin hydrated, and drinking plenty of water will contribute to a long-lasting, even tan.

step8postPat your skin dry after showering, avoid rubbing too hard.