Flawless Finish Tans

Sexy, sun-kissed skin is always in style, unfortunately, we all know that getting it the old-fashioned way by lying baking under the sun’s glare is a serious health hazard and ages the skin with premature wrinkles, to boot.

Luckily, achieving a totally natural-looking glimmering faux glow through Beach St has never been easier or better. We specialise in the art of luxury sunless tanning.  We offer tanning expertise that is flattering for every skin type, with results that are as good as, or better than, nature itself.

Our tanning solutions are customised and calibrated blends for your skin tone and preference, and we glide the colour across your skin, layer by gentle layer using our state-of-the-art airbrush artist application. Our highly skilled spray tan experts have years of practical experience under their belts, and they provide beautiful even coverage for a natural-looking tan, no orange hues, streaks or runs. Your features will be enhanced to make you look simply amazing. Guaranteed!

  • we bring out your radiance

    we bring out your radiance

What are you waiting for? Book now to have our signature flawless finish tan applied by one of our highly skilled tan experts. In no time at all you’ll look stunningly healthy and have the confidence boost of looking your very best and ready to hit the beach, bedroom, office, party or red carpet.