What is custom airbrush tanning?

Custom spray tanning, also called UV-free or sunless tanning, is a process of applying a tanning solution using a hand held spray gun. The tanning solution is applied smoothly and evenly by a trained technician.

How does airbrush tanning work?

The main ingredient in spray tanning solutions that produces the beautiful tan effect is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It works by reacting to oxygen and skin protein, or amino acids, in the outer layer of skin. This reaction produces a healthy, natural, glowing brown colour without the harmful effects or long-term damage of UV rays. In most cases the development of your colour will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and will continue to darken through a 24 hour period to your final result.

Is airbrush tanning safe?

DHA is UV-free. It is not absorbed into the skin but reacts with the proteins, or dead skin cells, in the top layer of the skin. Your skin continuously sheds these dead skin cells and that's the reason spray tanning only lasts 1-2 weeks. Dermatologists agree it's much safer than prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays. Although rare, allergic reactions can happen. We strongly urge clients to notify us during the intake and evaluation process if allergies, or other health issues, are a concern.

Can I tan if I'm pregnant?

Although there is no evidence that spray tanning has any harmful effects during pregnancy, we always advise that you check with your doctor prior to making a booking in order to make a safe and informed decision.

How long does the appointment take?

The appointment is set for exactly 20 minutes, so it is very important to be punctual. If you are a first time client, we recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time so that you can receive a consultation from your airbrush tanning technician.

How is custom airbrush tanning different from automatic spray booth tanning?

Unlike automatic spray booths, the solution is customized for your skin type and preference and is applied by hand. This reduces the chance of drips, streaks and over application. Extra attention can also be given to areas that are hard to reach or have a tendency to react more to the DHA such as dry areas like the elbows, knees and heels.

How dark will I get after one airbrush tanning session?

Our customised spray tanning solutions contain a bronzer, or colour guide, that helps the technician apply the solution smoothly and evenly. This bronzer is not a dye or stain and is temporary. It gives an immediate golden colour that washes off with the first shower. The DHA in the solution is what creates your tan. Everyone is different and results vary based on your individual skin type, product and solution strength, and application technique. This is why we evaluate clients prior to application to determine the appropriate solution strength for their skin type and desired level of tan. Usually, the longer you wait to shower following your session, the darker you will get.

Will my tan wash off?

The immediate bronzer will wash off as soon as you shower. The DHA is not permanent, but just like a natural tan the spray tan will not wash off. Although it doesn't wash off, the life of your tan can be shortened by many things such as, salt water, chlorine, prolonged time in baths or hot tubs, shaving or using exfoliating lotions and scrubs. See our 8 Golden Post-Spray Tanning Rules for details of how to get the most out of your spray tan.

How many times can I have it applied in one day?

Sunless spray tans can take up to 24 hours to fully develop. You should wait at least that long to see if you have your desired colour. Too much spray tanning solution can leave you with an orange hue.

Will my airbrush tan protect me from the sun?

Unfortunately it doesn’t, so remember to wear SPF.

Can I get a spray tan if I have sunburn or my skin is peeling?

This is one time that we recommend that you don’t get a spray tan. Wear sunscreen next time!

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